Why is there no transgender emoji?


Children shouldn’t be blamed just because they want to be not alike others. We have emojis of same-sex couples holding hands, kissing and smiling with their children. So why not a transgender flag emoji? This was the question posed today, on World Emoji Day, by Mermaids, a charity which provides support for gender diverse and transgender children.

And hey, what if you’re bisexual? Or asexual, pansexual or genderfluid? Don’t these people deserve their own emojis as well? Their flags exist, so it’s not like the Unicode Consortium – who create emojis – would need to put much effort into emojifying them.

There are enough straight emojis to fill a tweet by themselves, not to mention the bizarre number of items and symbols that have a prominent place in your collection. Currently included in your phone’s assortment of emojis are multiple calendars, keys, CDs (you know, those cool, young, hip things) and whatever this is: If “diamond with a dot inside it” gets its own emoji, communities who lack representation in popular culture absolutely should too.

It is possible to send the transgender flag as an emoji if you download a special app – such as the #BeStrong app developed by activist Monica Lewinsky – but not otherwise.


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