Jeremy Corbyn speaks about anti-LGBT discrimination


Some politicians support LGBT people, some say that there is no place for them. We shouldn’t forget that we are all people and we must be equal, despite our sexuality and orientation.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on Donald Trump and Mike Pence to stand up for LGBT Americans, after a series of concerning backwards steps. The UK Labour leader was speaking at a PinkNews Parliamentary Reception when he addressed LGBT rights across the world. He singled out US Vice President Mike Pence – a notorious opponent of LGBT equality in his speech, alongside President Donald Trump.

Mr Corbyn said: “I am disturbed by a lot of what was said and went on during the US Presidential election, and I would hope that President Trump and Vice President Pence will reflect on what was said during that campaign, and recognise that they must represent all Americans, whatever their sexuality and orientation, and not encourage more discrimination against them, or indeed violence against them. “There has been an increase in homophobic hate crime, and as a culture we must celebrate diversity and accept our differences.”

The leader also spoke out against the homophobic purge in Chechnya, and pressed the UK government to help people fleeing persecution based on their sexuality. He said: “In many countries, homosexuality is punishable by death and homophobic violence and persecution are commonplace. “We are not prepared to accept this, we consider it an abuse of the human rights of the individual, and we should offer protection to individuals fleeing that abuse, as we would to anybody else in fear for their human rights.”


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