Members of LGBTI community have alleged physical assault at a popular nightclub in Fiji


The incident happened at the famous Fiji’s nightclub between members of Fiji’s LGBTI community and a bouncer, who stole money from one of the nightclub’s table.

People from LGBT community had been asked to mind the table while its male occupant used the restroom. “By the time he came back from the toilet, the money was gone. So the bouncer was angry with us because we told him what happened. And he punched my friend up and threw us out. And they’ve been doing this a lot… but to us, the LGBTI community. Every time we go into the club if we’re dressed like a girl we have to pay $10 but nobody else has to,” explained Francis Rokili, one of victims.

Ashwin Raj, Fiji’s Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, said the police acted quickly to respond to the charges. Also, he noted that the victims had facial bruises and were emotionally scarred from the incident. Mr. Raj supposed they were targeted because of their sexuality and gender identity. “We must not only condemn but we must actively act to stand up to these acts of discrimination and violence. This would mean that not only the Po¬lice, not just the law enforcers, but society needs to be educated about these things” he said.


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