Queensland Nationals senator wants to pursue a postal vote on same-sex marriage


Queensland Nationals senator Barry O’Sullivan says he will push for a postal vote on same-sex marriage by “all venues available”. On July 14, 2017 he presented a motion on this issue and it was successful.

According to senator’s proposal, voters would all receive a ballot on same-sex marriage and then fill it out and post it back in if they wanted to vote. A non-compulsory postal plebiscite could be held without legislation, circumventing the government’s current problem of not being able to pass its compulsory plebiscite through the senate. Barry O’Sullivan considers postal plebiscite to be the “only sensible solution” to the politically-charged issue of same-sex marriage. Mr. O’Sullivan is confident that the legislation would pass the parliament if a public vote will be successful. He said: “Any member of parliament, who ignores the will of the majority of the Australian people once they have their say, should give their job up and go home immediately. Who can argue against the will of the Aus people when they decide on this?”

But Rodney Croome, the spokesperson for LGBTI rights group, regards a postal plebiscite as a “deeply flawed proposal that will be biased against marriage equality”. He said: “A postal vote will favour the ‘no’ case because younger voters, who are more likely to support marriage equality, are less likely to return their voluntary postal ballots.”


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