In India a group of trans women organized and paid for the building of a much-needed road


In the Jangal Mata Deen locality of Gorakhpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh, roads have been broken for years and they have to be repaired by the local authorities. People repeated requests for the repairmen many years, but it gave any result. So 20 local trans women pooled together their incomes from work, organized and paid for the building of the much-needed road. One of the women said: “Requests to the municipal corporation to get the road constructed fell on deaf ears. Then we decided to do something on our own. All of us started saving part of our daily income and kept it with our guru. Within a year, sufficient amount of money was collected for the 120-metre long road.”

Locals are now very happy with the road, earlier it was a disaster, especially on the rainy weather. The total cost of the road was Rs 1 lakh ($1554). But it would have cost a lot more if the GMC carried out the works. A GMC engineer admitted: “It is wonderful. The construction of the same road would have cost around Rs 4 lakh had the work been carried out by the municipal corporation”. A local shopkeeper, Anirudhdh Kumar, fairly noticed that “where there is a will, there is a way”. “A concrete road was needed in the area. They hired laborers, arranged building material and even roped in a private engineer for the construction of the road. They made a great work!”


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