A proposal through 10,000 miles away


Love comes when we don’t wait it. If you really love somebody, you will never let him go. That’s why Doung Langway did everything for his lover. A gay man has gone one step further in his proposal to his partner living 10,000 miles away. Filmmaker Doung Langway decided that he would give his partner the cinematic proposal he deserved with the help of an iPad, Times Square and the kindness of strangers.

In the video of their proposal that Langway posted on Facebook, he wrote: “When the love of your life is 10 thousand miles away you need a really big sign to propose marriage”.In the video, Langway video calls his partner, Joseph Chapman on his iPad. Langway is stood in the centre of Times Square and tells his partner that he loves him.

“I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart,” Langway said. “I love you too honey,” Chapman responded. Langway tells his partner that he “means the world” to him and then asks him to marry him as one of Times Squares famous advert boards is plastered with a picture of the two and a proposal.

Chapman is nearly speechless by the beautiful gesture. “Definitely. Absolutely. I love you so much, I’d marry you in a heart beat.” Langway is then congratulated by strangers surrounding him in the busy New York City attraction. The short video ends as the two gawk at the “incredible” advert.


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