Boycott of ‘forbidden and condemned’ LGBT event


We can’t make decisions for others, we just see what we think about the situation. Nowadays, people are trying to impose their meaning about LGBT people, that we shouldn’t support them and give help. All people deserve for understanding.

Seven prominent Rabbis have denounced a community centre for holding LGBT events, calling them an “abomination”. The Orthodox leaders published an open letter on Friday calling for a boycott of £50 million community centre JW3 because it had hosted LGBT-friendly activities. Earlier this year, an unknown offender graffitied the word “SHAME” over a banner promoting its programme of LGBT events, known as GAYW3, at the centre on London’s Finchley Road.

In the letter, the rabbis wrote that this “abomination” of a programme “promotes a way of life which is in total contradiction to Orthodox Judaism and Halacha (Orthodox Jewish law),” as reported by the Jewish Chronicle. They continued by stating that “a red line has been crossed in launching campaigns and initiatives that promote lifestyles and behaviours forbidden and condemned by the Torah.

The rabbis then ironically ended the message by stating that their community “has always stood and stands on high moral ground and this is what has always kept us going throughout the times.” The letter was signed by Rabbi Aaron Bassous, Rabbi Yisroel Greenberg, Rabbi Shimon Winegarten and Rabbi Mordechai Fhima, all of whom lead London congregations.


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