Same-sex parents and their three kids weren’t allowed to board the plane


Grant Morse, his 83-year-old mother, his husband Sam and their three kids were flying with Southwest airlines from Buffalo, New York, to Fort Lauderdale in Florida when they have faced a “horrible discrimination”. As usually, they approached the family boarding area to have their whole family structure invalidated. But suddenly, an airline worker brought them down a peg with the words: “This is family boarding. Not all can go”. On what Grant’s husband replied: “We are a family! We are both fathers with three kids in strollers and our 83-year-old mother, who needs help and cannot be left alone”. But the airport worker didn’t listen to any arguments, she only stated: “One adult and three kids can board”. Legal dads were shocked, abused and “forced to be the last one to board the aircraft”.

When the media made an inquiry to Southwest airlines for the explanations about the situation, they had referred to its “family boarding policy”, according to which one adult can board with children under six years old. There have been no other explanations, regards or apologies for harmed family from the airlines. Likely, people from LGBT community will scratch heads over the point, whether to use services of Southwest airlines or to prefer the other. But it is known for sure that Grant Morse’s family will put on considering cap their next trip by Southwest airlines.


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