Lake Monger toilet block – a popular cruising spot, will be demolished in Western Australia


The Town of Cambridge in Western Australia had been facing an “anti-social” behavior in the Lake Monger toilet block for years. Besides, this public toilet became a popular cruising spot among homosexual people. As the local community couldn’t bear it anymore, the counsil has taken meaningful steps by demolishing it all-in-all.

For years the Lake Monger toilet block had attracted attention for vandalism and anti-social behaviour. The council attempted to curb the problems by removing shrubbery and spending $60,000 on increased lighting. A town committee meeting voted to close the toilet block down and build new toilets in another part of the park – near a playground. Schools in the area had lobbied the council, police chiefs and politicians about how the schools were negatively affected by the anti-social behaviour and “inappropriate sexual activities”. The Three Schools Safety Committee wrote a protesting letter, which said: “Each school has dealt with much criminal activity within the area, which has included numerous break-ins into all three premises, vehicles on Dodd Street, syringes on school premises, inappropriate sexual activities in and around the toilet block as well as children being approached by adults through the gates of the schools”.

On top of that, a website for “gay cruises and hook-ups” lists the Lake Monger toilet as a place for men to meet for sex. The sites’ reviews under this spot said: “The toilet can get busy during the day, just be careful as it is also a family spot. Night time is the cruisiest time. Guys cruise the pathway by the lake, in between the trees and wait in the bushes. There is also a lookout close by where guys walk to and sit and wait.”


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