London Pride will soon become the best place to propose


The annual London Pride is obviously getting a reputation of “a place to get engaged”. This magnificent festival attracts about one million visitors to the UK’s capital each year and is deservedly regarded to be the greatest gay event in the country.

But lately, Pride London festival added oneself another honorable degree: to be a good “place to get engaged”. Only in 2017 there were three touching proposals during the Pride celebration. The first one was when a British Transport Police officer Jane had proposed to her girlfriend Dizzy in front of the amazed crowd. The second was when a famous rugby player from the Kings Cross Steelers team proposed to his partner Greg Woodford. Fernando Ferreira stepped out while the team was doing a lineout for the crowd and found his boyfriend to make the proposal one of the most memorable moments in couple’s lives. And the third one was when a military couple got engaged during the parade. Damian Dagg and Josh Thorne met last year at Pride in London, and this year Digg proposed to Thorne in front of an audience of assembled troops. It is hard to believe now that only 15 years ago it was illegal to be openly gay in the British military.

Well, these examples show that LGBT culture has been entrenched in British society deeply and it feels pretty comfortable to be openly gay in UK’s capital. So, if you are managing to identify “the right moment” for your proposal, why not trying next year’s London Pride?


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