A reaction of fifth-year-old boy to his brother comes out as gay


A family is the most important for every person. These are the only people who understand you and will be by your side, despite any problems or rumours. Oliver Potter’s little brother shares his reaction about Oliver’s orientation. It’s so cute.

Children don’t judge and are usually honest – as proven by this clip of a five-year-old reacting to his big brother coming out to him as gay. Oliver Potter, a YouTuber, recorded his coming out to his little brother Alfie and posted it to his channel.

In it he asks him “how do you think about love?” and the five-year-old’s reaction is brilliant. He responds: “If you’re a mum and you want to be in love with a dad, you get in love with them.” To which Potter asks: “How would it make you feel if I married a man?”

Alfie immediately and excitedly responds: “If you marry a man it’s going to be so cool… I saw in one movie a man was in love with another man and everyone was saying cool, cool.” And speaking the truth, he adds: “Love is love.” Alfie also adds: “When you have a baby, you’ll get the ones who got lost.” The pair then sing an improvised song about being who you want to be and doing what you want to do.


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