Honey G comes out a lesbian


People choose their way to live and to enjoy life. Honey G as all women wants to be happy, despite her orientation. Even if she is a lesbian, she also wants to have family and children. She made her choice to be with women and we can’t judge her for that. Rapper Honey G came to national prominence on series 13 of the X Factor. She came out as gay in an interview with The Sun today – while posing for a nude photoshoot. The rapper explained: “I do worry about homophobia, but I feel now is the right time to, you know, let people know that I’m gay.”

She opened up about choosing not to come out while appearing on the reality show, despite being asked about her relationship status early on. She added: “At my very first audition, Simon asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no and that I was single. I wasn’t really ready at that point to announce my sexuality to the world. “Being new to the music industry, and being on The X Factor, I think I was just a bit shy and a bit guarded. I was a bit worried about what people would think as well.

The singer added that she wants to have kids and settle down with a woman. The most recent series of the X Factor featured a number of LGB singers, including runner-up Saara Aalto. X Factor insiders denied the show had actively avoided mentioning the singer’s relationship in pre-song VTs, claiming it was “not relevant” despite extensive focus on the families and partners of some contestants.


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