Will Young reveals tried to make him kiss George Michael


We can’t force people doing something what they don’t want. Will Young refused to kiss a man, because he didn’t want others tell him what to do. Popstar Will Young has revealed a plot by record label bosses for him to get with George Michael. The 38-year-old, who was the first winner of Pop Idol, says his management tried to engineer a kiss. Young says bosses wanted to him recreate the famous moment when Madonna and Britney Spears smooched at the 2003 MTV awards.

However he rejected the request – saying it made him “angry”. He said: “You know what I was really conscious of? “People taking me as a gay man and bringing it just back to sex. God that makes me angry.” The singer also revealed he refused to publicly kiss a man for his 2006 hit record All Time Love.

He now regrets the decision, however, explaining in his new podcast Homo Sapiens: “Do the maths – how many people want to see a man kiss a man, in comparison to how many people don’t? More people don’t. But now I slightly regret it.” The former Strictly Come Dancing recently launched his new LGBT podcast with longtime friend Chris Sweeney.

“It was a real lightbulb moment and the idea of ‘Homo Sapiens’ was born!“Through recording this podcast, we’ve had a lot of fun, drunk a lot of tea, and learned a huge amount from some of the bravest, most intelligent and fun people who have paved the way for all LGBTQ+ people.”


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