David Davies calls transgender women ‘he/she’


Everyone has his own choise, that’s why politicians shouldn’t be against LGBT. They should support them to have more respect. A Tory MP has demanded that transgender women use men’s bathrooms. David Davies, the MP for Monmouth in South Wales, has a long history of anti-LGBT comments. In a column today for his local newspaper, the South Wales Argus, Mr Davies said that transgender women “should be expected to use male facilities” until they have gender reassignment surgery.

The MP was reacting to a government proposal to streamline the system for transgender people to gain legal recognition. The change does not have anything to do with access to bathrooms, but has been pounced upon by anti-trans activists to spread ‘bathroom’ fears akin to the US.

Mr Davies is no stranger to ‘isms’, having previously described same-sex marriage as “barking mad” and suggested most parents would prefer their children “not to be gay”. Justifying his opposition to equal marriage, Davies had said: “I think most parents would prefer their children not to be gay, knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.”

He later dismissed accusations that he is a homophobe by citing his participation in an amateur boxing match against a gay fighter. He has also claimed that LGBT-inclusive sex education might encourage children to have gay sex. In an interview the MP said: “I suppose, at a certain level, I see heterosexual sex as being – and it’s probably the wrong word to use – but the norm. I think it’s reasonable to say that the vast majority of people are not gay.”


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