More than 50% of Australian university students had been sexually assaulted in 2016


Australian Human Rights Commission has revealed a terrifying statistics of sexual assaults and sexual harassments among Australian university students. The report consisted of the information, gathered from Australia’s 39 university students’ inquiry.

In a general amount of students, LGBT students were assaulted disproportionally more. Trans and gender diverse students were more likely to be sexually harassed than cisgender students. 45% of trans and gender diverse students said they experienced some form of sexual harassment in 2016. Bisexual people were also more likely to have been sexually assaulted than straight, gay or lesbian students. 44% of students, who identified as bisexual and 38% of students, who identified as gay, lesbian or homosexual were sexually harassed in a university setting in 2016, compared with 23% of students, who identified as heterosexual. Also, the report included nine recommendations for universities to help bring down the number of sexual assaults.

The society was exercised over the numbers of the survey and called on Australian universities to take notice of the situation status. Sophie Johnston, a president of the National Union of Students, proclaimed: “We will not accept hearing universities congratulating themselves on being slightly below the national averages”.


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