First Muslim drag queen knows a lot of married gay Muslims


Asifa Lahore, Britain’s first Muslim drag queen, says that gay weddings among Muslims are no less common than among those who don’t follow Islam. She also revealed that there is a “thriving” LGBT community among Muslims in the UK. Lahore added that she had attended dozens of Muslim gay weddings within the last few years. The latest one was a wedding of two British Bangladeshi. She is happy that now gay Muslim weddings attract so much public attention, but they have always been and will always be. Ms Lahore was brought up in a devout Muslim Pakistani family in West London. She appeared on Channel 4’s Muslim Drag Queens in 2015, and was called “Britain’s first Muslim drag performer.” She began the process of gender transition to become a woman this year. Prior to her coming out as trans, when living as a gay man, Lahore had her own Muslim gay wedding. She married her partner in 2014 just months after same-sex marriage was legalised, in a small ceremony. The two are currently going through an “amicable” divorce after Lahore began her transition.


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