Lea DeLaria used to be arrested ‘for her lesbianism’


The OITNB lesbian star reveals she used to be arrested for ‘being gay’. Lea spoke about her sexuality with Huffington Post in their video segment, four inappropriate questions. She said the police had caught her in Missouri while she had been making out with her then-girlfriend, who also was arrested. The girls were put in separated cells because the police were afraid they could make love behind the bars. The star also spoke about realising she was a lesbian and having sex for the first time with another woman. She lost her virginity with a man and since then she thought of sex only as something painful and disgusting,
but only trying it with a girl she understood that sex could bring pleasure. And working in a lesbian bar she started to realize she is a butch. “There was this old dyke sitting there and she turned round and yelled hey baby butch. I went ‘oh, I guess I’m a butch dyke’.”The star also spoke about dealing with homophobes. “I don’t get hurt, I am filled with rage. So if somebody says something stupid about my sexuality I will get rageful about it,” she said.


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