Vicky Vox took back her accusation against Katy Perry.


Updated: A drag artist has backtracked after accusing Katy Perry of inviting drag artists to star in her video without payment. Vicky Vox sent a tirade of tweets saying that Perry had “begged” drag artists to perform in the video shooting of which took two days. “There’s a pop star begging drag queens to do a music video for two days with no pay, they own costumes and all,” Vox tweeted.“It wasn’t until we all said NOPE… that they said maybe there might be some budget.” Going on, Vox said: “You were going to USE them for your gain. Then say maybe when they say their time is valuable … you say maybe … NO!” Adding: “Drag queens should not have to beg you to value them. Not only is it insulting you asked them to value themselves as worthless…” The queen continued saying that some of the queens (including RuPaul’s Drag Race stars) that they would not be paid for it. Vox also tweeted that she would be more willing to perform for free for “exposure” if she earned more. “To clarify, u can afford to do things for “exposure” when U have more zeros after a comma on your pay check. No shade. Truly. Do u. #iwish “ But in the end she agreed that Katy knows better what to do with her video. after that she admitted that she was defaming Katy and apologized. “Turns out they had money for the for the girls. They were even going to fly girls in. It was Jason King, Valentina’s manager, lying,” she wrote.


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