Did the Supergirl cast mock LGBT fans?


The cast of Supergirl has appeared to mock the shippers of the same-sex couple. In an MTV News interview at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, certain cast members performed a musical recap about the previous season of the show. The interviewees included Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Danvers, AKA Supergirl, Jeremy Jordan – who plays Kara’s friend Winn Schott – Kara’s love interest Mon El, played by Chris Wood, and Katie McGrath, who plays Kara’s friend Lena Luthor. In the video, Jordan begins the recap song by saying that Lena and Kara became good friend in the season but then he loudly stressed that there was nothing bit friendship between them. The cast laughs and Benoist joins in chanting the same – ‘They are only friends’. Jordan later says: “I’m going to get destroyed for what I just did…I just debunked Supercorp,” and Benoist chimes in, saying: “That’s pretty brave.” McGrath tried to walk back the cast’s comments, saying that “the great thing about what we do is, like any art, anyone can read into it what they want,” but she was laughed over by the rest of the cast. The fans, especially those who are LGBT, expressed their irritation via social networks saying that the recap made them feel hurtful and dismissed.


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