Jennifer Lopez loves her non-binary relative


JLo is extremely proud of Brendan, the younger child of her sister. Brendan was sent by their school to take part in the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC and their celebrity aunt was full of joy telling her Instagram audience about it. “This is Brendan my sister Leslie’s second child!! They were the one person selected to represent their school at #globalyoungleadersconference in Washington DC!!! And I couldn’t be more proud!!! Brendan is strong and smart and loving and a obviously a leader!! Titi Jenn loves you!! #superproudauntie #familia❤” she posted alongside the picture of a smiley non-binary teen. Fans sent a lot of massages of love to the singer, saying that she is a blessed person with a big heart, and Brendan is a lovely child who should be grateful to Heaven for such an amazing and lovely aunt. J-Lo has been active in her support for the LGBT community, as seen through her work as executive producer on TV show The Fosters, which tackles LGBT issues. And last month, the pop star spoke out about her late lesbian aunt, who struggled with her own sexuality.


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