People are thrilled about a new show depicting a Muslim woman’s love to a woman of color


The Bold Type, a US drama about women who work at a feminist magazine in New York City, features Kat Edison – one of the show’s main characters – slowly realizing she’s not straight. Realizing of the queer identity comes with a new feeling she has never faced with before – she feels attracted to another woman, Adena El-Amin, a proud Muslim who wears hijab and likes girls, seeing nothing self-excepting in such two parts of her identity as religion and sexuality. The character, played by Nikohl Boosheri, talks openly about why she prays and wears a head covering. She also asks Kat about her sexual orientation in the first episode, adding that she has always been more concerned about human’s soul, not genitals. Despite this, complications between the two are come from Kat discovering more about her sexual identity and the fact that Adena has a girlfriend, rather than sensationalising lesbians or Islam.In the latest episode of the show on Disney-ABC’s Freeform channel, Kat hits a man after he makes a racist remark towards Adena and gets arrested. Being free on bail she gives a passionate kiss to her lover.


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