Tweet about homophobic family members caused great online resonance


Well, coming out to your family is probably the hardest. And even if the nearest and dearest (parents, siblings)
are proud of you being gay (or at least they made up their mind with it), there are also some members of your kinship that are too homophobic even to hear the word ‘gay’. They don’t live with you and don’t know the details of your private life. But then they are invited to the family dinner, the conversation touches LGBT issues, you cannot stand your community being offended and the truth is revealed… Or, in one tweet, “When you’re at a family dinner defending gay rights & homophobic aunt Judy asks why you’re so passionate about gay rights if you’re straight”. Despite the tweet’s creator, jade, having only been on Twitter since June, the tweet has gone viral, attracting around 30,000 retweets and favourites. The brilliant expressions come courtesy of Tana Mongeau, a 19-year-old YouTuber with more than 2.5 million subscribers, who ended up retweeting it. Jade still does not know how to react on such a popularity. But we are more interested to know whether the homophobic aunt has seen it


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