Youtube pranker caught on homophobia and racism


A YouTube star with hundreds of thousands of followers has been caught on camera shouting homophobic and racist rant out loud. Jack Jones has amassed a large teenage following on social media based around his videos, which feature pick-up lines and violently laughing at people (pranks). The Kent-based internet personality was the centre of controversy this week after a clip emerged of him screaming the offensive slurs. In a video filmed by a passer-by during an altercation, he is shown yelling at a man: “Go back to your own country you f*ggot, I’ll knock the f**k out of you! You have no money.” The clip has amassed more than 6,000 retweets. Jones does not regret about his words and he is not going to apologize for them. Instead he only says that he loves his haters. Jones’ talent management agency tried to save his reputation sending the following statement on his behalf: “I was out with my friends walking down the street. When a group of Russian men barged me and my friends and said what you going to do about you English scum!! They started being racist to my friend, so I got involved stupidly. I was really upset the way they treated us resulting in me lashing out with very poor of choice of words. I don’t condone racism in any form and those that know me know that I’m not homophobic in anyway. I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone with my choice of words.”


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