Campaign to roll back trans rights fails again


A campaign to have transgender nondiscrimination protections rolled back in Washington State have failed for the second year running. The could not get enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot in the state. The campaign had been opposed by law enforcement, LGBT groups and sexual assault prevention groups that denied the necessity of it branding it as harmful. Trans rights activists said that limiting trans community in rights (in part in using bathroom facilities they want) is a violent crime against society, and there is no need to excuse it with ‘people’s safety’, because people won’t feel safe in this world, were people cannot be the way they are. The campaign had found strong opposition in business leaders, labour unions, faith organisations and others. The campaign had collected 50,000 pledges and raised over $300,000 from thousands of people. It has been strongly opposed by politicians too, with WA State Republican Chair Chris Vance urging voters not to sign the measure.


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