Chelsea Manning hit back the transphobic haters


Since the trans whistleblowr was commuted and free from prison, there were those who congratulated her and welcomed her back. But there were also those who turned Ms Manning into a target. A few weeks ago Man ning tweeted that the US should “dismantle the military/police state, with its walls and borders and replace it with healthcare and infrastructure for all”.
She followed this up by telling her followers that “taxation is a sharing of responsibility, and that “only the wealthy believe that taxation is theft”. “They don’t pay taxes. We should make them,” she continued. In respond to this she was called a socialistic traitor who deserved death. But she was not going to leave it, she replied that there was nothing able to block her and to make her silent when human rights are violated. She pledged: “I will never block or mute,” and seems to be up for destroying every troll who dares to take her on. This includes people who don’t seem to understand that not transitioning can be incredibly dangerous for trans people.


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