Lena Dunham called out the transphobic flight attendants


Girls creator and actor Lena Dunham demanded from the American Airlines workers to be responsible for their transphobia. When she was waiting for her delayed plane in Kennedy airport, she accidentally heard two flight attendants discussing something she could not be indifferent to – they said that being trans was nothing bvt a trend, and if their kids came out to them as trans one day, they would be disowned. Dunham wrote “2 female attendants walking talking about how trans kids are a trend they’d never accept a trans child and transness is gross. I think it reflects badly on uniformed employees of your company to have that kind of dialogue going on. What if a trans teen was walking behind them? Awareness starts at home but jobs can set standards of practice. Thanks for your consideration!” she added. American Airlines followed up Dunham’s message promising to investigate the case. Dunham’s twitter followers praised her for being so active in speaking for trans rights. One person wrote: “Unbelievable how proud some are of their ignorance!! Transgender people deserve our respect and compassion!!” “Acceptance of trans people is a “new trend”. And a long overdue one. Trans people have always existed. That’s not a trend,” another added. Somebody else said: “Yasss! Speak out”.


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