Trans rape victim’s case falls through, vital evidence was lost


Police in India has failed transgender woman who was raped, as the vital evidence was lost by negligence. The victim, who was only 19 years old, claimed she had been raped by the group of 4 in Pune City. Three of them were caught but the police were forced to free them, because they lost the medical certificate of the victim which might have proven the suspects’ guilt.The certificate is vital evidence in the case as it proves her status as a trans woman and that she was raped. The judge was forced to allow one of the men to go at their bail hearing. Two still remain in custody, while one has not yet been caught. Ujjwala Pawar, an assistant public prosecutor working on the case, says it is really unlikely top indict the men without this certificate. “I was unable to file a detailed say on the FIR, too, hence the court granted a bail to one of the accused,” he explained. The assistant police inspector in charge of the case, DS Shinde, blamed the victim for not being able to provide the medical certificate because she did not sign the document. “The medical test of the survivor was conducted immediately after the complaint was made. However, her signature needs to be there on the medical certificate. We were unable to collect the certificate as she left the hospital without signing the document,” Shinde said.


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