The Fire Brigade Union does not condemn transphobia


Paul Embery, an executive council member, commented the governmental trans rights law saying that it was the same as short people identifying as tall, fat people identifying as thin and someone pretending to be George Clooney. In his now-pinned tweet, he added: “There’s something Orwellian about allowing someone to insert a lie on their birth certificate & forcing society to accept the lie as truth.” Embery defended his views, saying that recognizing someone by the gender going contrary their anatomy was ludicrous. A Stonewall spokesperson said that “comments like this underline how much work there is still to be done to make trans equality a reality.” The Fire Brigade Union refused to take a responsibility for the member’s words, saying the remarks were private, not on their behalf. When pressed on whether the FBU would take action against Embery for his comments – which were made on a Twitter profile which can be viewed by anyone, they did not reply.


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