Trans flag’s creator speaks about Trump’s military ban


Monica Helms, a veteran of the US Navy and creator of the transgender flag, has spoken out about her time in service and Trump banning transgender militants, which she believes to be nothing but a service for his (Trump’s) bigot followers. To her there is no doubt that trans people can be good in serving their country (the USA or any other country of the world, it is not the point). Writing for Creative Loafing in 2009, Helms said “It was the deepest, darkest secret in my entire life. I would tell someone that I’d murdered someone before I’d tell someone I cross-dressed.” Then she realized her trans identity and began her transition. And now she is a very proud woman. But being a submariner is still something she has a right to be proud of. “I’m very proud of being a submariner. The submariners that I met over the years, they’re OK with the fact that I served, and that I’m now a trans woman. I did the same job they did, and even though I’ve changed in this way, all of them have changed as well. So, we’re all shipmates, as it were. There’s a lot of strength in submariners and in their camaraderie,” she told HuffPost, “Many of our allies have trans people serving openly in their militaries and they have not had any problems. We did not have any problems when they first allowed transgender service members to be open last year.” She also added that British Prince William served alongside a trans woman and she was present at his wedding, there was nothing wrong about it.


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