A US heath insurance giant has apologised for not providing HIV-preventing drugs to a gay man


UnitedHealthCare had faced online outrage after a letter to a gay man was made public in which the insurer tells him he will not be provided with PrEP because his ‘homosexual behavior’ puts him at risk of getting infected. The baffling letter goes on to detail the conditions for prescribing Truvada, suggesting that the man did not meet the criteria for “pre-exposure prophylaxis to reduce the risk of sexually acquired HIV infection in adults at high risk”. LGBT activists and HIV experts say that gay and bi men don’t go beyond the criteria. Moreover, belonging to the high risk group means that they need PrEP more than anybody else, that is why denying them is wrong. UnitedHealthCare apologized for the insensitive words adding they regret aboutt all the difficulties caused by it. It explained: ” We have corrected our letters, removed the prior authorization requirement for Truvada and members can fill their prescription at the network pharmacy of their choice.”


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