Gay men found love in college fraternity


A gay couple Adrian Homer and Harrison Guy who got married after meeting in a college fraternity 10 years ago now tells their story to show that real love can win all obstacles. They studied at the Prairie View A&M University in Texas after they both joined the Delta Phi Upsilon fraternity. This fraternity differs from other fraternities because most of its members were black gay men. Guy explained that Delta Phi was the perfect place for himself and others to explore their sexuality and to create a unity, a society, because the rest of the students rarely made friends with black gays. “Organisations like Delta Phi Upsilon allow black gay men a space where we can explore empowerment, which I think is really important. I think your self-confidence leads you to the trajectory of your life. The more organisations you can get in where they’re going to empower, I think it puts you on a trajectory that’s closest to your best self,” he said. “I wanted to join an organisation where I can be comfortable with my actual sexuality. When I started going to the organisation, and I started seeing the members of the organisation, I saw that these gay men are successful and they’re doing stuff in the community,” his husband adds. While they never expected to find romance in the fraternity, and some of their brothers disagreed with their partnership, but Guy and Homer were walked down the aisle by their own moms earlier this year. As well as celebrating their love for each other, they used their wedding to celebrate the death of their friend Chyna Gibson, a trans woman tragically murdered in New Orleans. “She was so excited about being in the wedding, so we had to incorporate her into the ceremony,” Harrison says. “We opened it up with the officiant ?doing a tribute to her and laying a rose at the altar.


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