Trans girl aged 8 sues school for misgendering her


The girl’s family is suing a private school for “intentional infliction of emotional distress”. The girl is banned from using female bathrooms and is referred to by a male name and with male pronouns. The parents of the Nicole Brar, Priya Shah and Jaspret Brar, also allege that the school refused to let their daughter wear female school uniforms in the lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of California in Orange County. The family’s lawyer agreed that when a child is told to hide their gender identity it is a serious harm for their emotional stability. Nikki, as she is known to parents and peers, was withdrawn halfway through the school year and was homeschooled before finding a new school. The school wrote a statement: “We were mindful in this instance of the need to support not just this 7-year-old [now 8], but other young children. We believed it was extremely important to respond, not hastily, but with deliberate care, to decide when and how to inform and educate our entire elementary school community of students, staff and parents about the mid-year change of gender identity expression of a young child. Due to the sensitivity of the issue and age of the child, we believed we needed expert guidance regarding timing (such as, preparing children for a change they would see in spring semester of second grade and fall semester of third grade), process and age-appropriate communication. We told the family we had decided to retain an outside consultant to assist us, and we were communicating with the family on a consistent basis to discuss potential experts and specific accommodations (in addition to the other accommodations we had already offered, such as use of the single-unit staff bathroom, specific options as to girl’s uniform clothing and girl’s hairstyle, as well as ceasing to use gender groupings in physical education activities). Unfortunately, these accommodations were rejected and the parents withdrew their child.” But the family’s attorney says iit is not worth believing in.


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