Gay man in China won a compensation from hospital for trying to ‘cure’ him


A hospital in China has been ordered to pay compensation to a man forcefully endured to so=-called ‘conversion’ therapy for 19 days. The man, aged 37, was put there by his family after he announced his plans to split from his wife. He told the court how he was forcibly given medication including injections and anti-depressants in what he believed was an attempt to turn him straight. The court found that when the man was hospitalised he was not suicidal or violent, the only behavior that constitutes being held.He sought compensation of 10,000 yuan but was awarded 5,000 yuan ($737). And despite the trial took almost two years, the claimant and his attorneys are completely satisfied with this decision.“This case shows how the government sees the LGBT group and may encourage others to fight for their rights,” the lawyers say.


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