Germany rejected LGBT refugees


LGBT people seeking asylum in Germany are facing deportation as the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees could not acknowledge that fact that those people would face violence in their home countries if they are deported. A number of LGBT asylum seekers have reported having their applications denied despite coming back to the countries they came from would be dangerous for their lives. Speaking to Politico, one trans woman from Lebanon, Eliana, said she had been attacked numerous times and coming back to Lebanon would mean being abused every single day for just who she is. She was sure that her application would be accepted because of the horrific treatment she endured in Lebanon, but earlier this year she received a letter informing her of her failed application and the impending deportation. It was rejected because she crossed the Mediterranean sea from Turkey to Greece presenting as male, which she did in order to protect herself. “It was humiliating,” she said of the deportation letter. “Everything I had been planning and working on fell apart.” Gladt, an organisation which supports LGBT asylum seekers, said that they “didn’t expect the decision at all” because her “case was so strong” and German authorities seem unlikely to realize all the discrimination LGBT people may face. However, BaMF insists that they review each case individually and “if the asylum seeker can credibly show that they would be in danger because of their sexual orientation in their country of origin” then they will be offered asylum.


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