Over 40 women said they would love to be surrogates for one lovely gay couple


A gay couple Nelson and Baden Marino-Hall living in Australia were overjoyed when over 40 women responded to their advert in which they looked for an egg donor who would be Maori (because Baden has a Maori blood). The couple, who hope to have two children together, wrote in a newspaper advert that having a Maori surrogate mother would make their dreams come true. “Kiwi and Aussie loving, married, gay couple based in Australia seek an egg donor who is of Maori descent who can help make dreams of a family come true,” the advert read. They thought it would be a miracle to find at least one such woman, they were shocked and touched receiving dozens of responds! “There was lots of happy, happy tears last night going through all the emails, the messages… it’s been an amazing, amazing 24 hours. We want to respond to every single woman who reached out to us out of respect – they deserve it… we will consider every single option as well, what is the easiest and best thing for those involved”. They already discuss their future fatherhood with fertility experts and feel completely excited about it


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