Aaron Carter confirmed his girlfriend left him because he is bi


Aaron Carter has said his girlfriend Madison broke up with him because of his coming out. Despite an earlier statement from his spokesperson saying the split from Madison Parker was mutual, Carter personally considers himself being dumped by her. “I had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend, and she didn’t really understand it and she didn’t want [to],” he said. He does not want any conflicts with Madison, he is not blaming her of anything, it is just a fact – shhe does not want to be with him anymore because he is bisexual. Going on, Carter said: “I’m a single guy again, recently came out as bisexual, so that’s who I am. And I’m just taking it one minute, and one day, and one comment at a time.” Despite only having come out as bisexual this week, Carter is already set to perform at a gay bar in his home town. Carter has promised that he will release new music soon. His coming out was congratulated by the Will and Grace TV show, writing on Twitter: “Welcome to the party, Aaron!”


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