Christian mom whose 2 sons are gay has something to tell the homophobes


An Irish Christian mother has written an emotional letter to Jim Wells, a DUP politician known for opposing same-sex marriages. The proud mother told him about her two gay sons and how muh she loves them. Elaine Somers, who penned the moving tribute, thanked her own mother who told her to treasure her children because Jesus taught they are precious. Writing to politician, Somers refers to the fact that Wells cut ties to the National Trust over an installation including rainbow badges. Somers also says that Wells can’t say he has true Christian love because love exclude hate in any shape and he hates gays. But she promisies to pray for him to change his mind. She wrote: “When my elder son was growing up, he was a very normal little boy, gentler than his older brother and more aesthetic perhaps, but able to hold his own and popular in the schools he attended. He brought girls from school home with him and during his university life he had many friends of both sexes. It was therefore, quite a surprise when at 22, he quietly informed me he was gay. It was obviously something he had wrestled with for some time, not wanting to bring shame to his family and wanting to be sure of his own sexuality. Oh the emotions I went through at that time, feelings of disappointment, confusion and wondering had I done something wrong.” Though, she never stopped loving her boy and praying for him, he’s God’s creature anyway. When the younger came out as gay too, it was a little bit easier because she already knew what to do. But it still took time for her to say out loud that she is a proud mom of two gay sons and they are both a blessing for her. “So Mr Wells, two of my four sons are gay and I remain their proud and loving mother. They see their lives through different perspectives, but the thing is they did not choose to be gay, it’s simply the way they are. I will not apologise for them to you or anyone else. I, too, could take verses from the old Testament regarding homosexuality, but the Jesus I know and my mother knew, teaches me that they are precious in his sight and you cannot take that from me,” she concluded.


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