How To Get Away With Murder actress Viola Davis is happy that the serial is so LGBT-inclusive


Viola Daves applauds to the screenwriters for including sexually and gender diversive storylines. Davis, who plays top-dog lawyer and professor Annalise Keating, also spoke about her own character who is pansexual and who has a very interesting love life. “I love the idea that she’s just searching for love and intimacy and whoever will give it to her,” Davis said about her character, “I love that it’s not coming from a place of damage and being screwed up because I don’t think it’s screwed up.” She also described her character as interesting, modern and liberating. She hopes it will inspire LGBT watchers to be out and proud: “I think a lot of homosexuals and the LGBT community, they’re kind of feeling like they’re on the outside now and I think it’s wonderful to have a character like that to relate to and is not once again coming from a place of damage but coming from a place of seeking, of really wanting to be loved and love”


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