Lesbian wrestler Charlie Morgan spoke about her coming out and lack of gay wrestlers


While much of the pro-wrestling landscape is dominated by the WWE, there are a number of independent companies doing things a little differently.In the UK, the underground promotion Pro-Wrestling:EVE – co-promoted by husband and wife team Dann and Emily Read – has been grabbing the headlines for its feminist, punk rock, all female live shows. Charlie Morgan came out as a lesbian during one of such shows, crowd chanted celebrating it. Charlie was afraid to do it publicly, because even now, when the world is more and more tolerant, the issue is rather subtle. But her manager supported her and said there was nothing to worry about. But she was still nervous, not about the match but about the thing she was going to say. She was afraid of people’s possible reaction. “One of the lines in the promo was ‘DO you think I’m scared to say it, do you think I’m scared to say I’m gay’. And then I let the crowd react and I didn’t expect the crowd to react how they did. There is still a problem of LGBT representation in wrestling. Morgan said: “I hope that in the future, just like in society, things will change.It shouldn’t just be that you’re white and you’re straight and that’s cool – it shouldn’t matter what race you are, what your sexual orientation is, it doesn’t change you as a person, just be yourself. I’m just a good a worker as somebody who is straight, it shouldn’t matter what race you are, what sexuality you’re interested in. I still don’t understand in this day and age why people have an issue with it.”


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