Man accused of killing trans woman 5 years ago finally comes to trial


Deoni JaParker Jones was sat at a bus stop a stranger, later identified as Gary Montgomery, stabbed her in head. It happened 5 years ago. The criminal was arrested two weeks after the crime and charged with first degree murder, but he had to wait all this time to be finally indicted. CCTV caught footage of 60-year-old Montgomery walking up to the victim and staring “intently” at her but she did not notice him looking at her phone. 41-year-old Jermaine Jackson also testified at the first hearing saying that he and his friend had seen a suspicious man planning to strike someone, but when they came to see what’s happened the victim was already dead. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia following his arrest and in the time between then and the trial he has been held at St. Elizabeth’s, a pyschiatric hospital. However, late last year the judge ruled that his health had greatly improved so he could respond for the crime he has committed. For the victim’s mother there is no doubt it was a transphobic hate crime.


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