Australian MP opposes same-sex marriages because he does not want to marry his male friends


However ridiculous it may sound, but it is true. Kevin Andrews, the Liberal MP for Menzies, says that he is against same-sex marriages because hew has a lot of male friends and he appreciate them, but he never wanted to marry any of them, that is why he does not consider such option necessary. “Why doesn’t the law have a place in those sort of relationships? It doesn’t, because the law has a place traditionally and historically, across cultures and civilisations because it is there about the protection of the vulnerable. It shouldn’t go beyond that,” he said. There are gay men who have female friends. There are lesbian women who have male friends. They appreciate them, but they don’t want to marry them. Just because they are not attracted to them,
this is not love in a passionate meaning of this word. But they did not try to cancel heterosexual marriages because they don’t want to enter in one. Love is love and the right to love should be respected, whoever you love and whoever other people love. One person cannot be a modifier of love. If one narrows love to only their own feelings, then this person has no idea what love really is.


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