Australia’s anti-gay marriage campaign warns saying Yes might cause Apocalypse


An anti-gay marriage campaign in Australia says that legalizing same-sex marriages would make Pride events mandatory. There is no country where Pride events would be mandatory, even among those that introduced marriage equality 15-20 years ago. They also added that it would cause kids taught about how to have gay sex. Not necessarily, straight kids aren’t taught about having sex until they are mature enough to know about it. They also thought it would cause kids coming out as trans, though there is no connection between being in same-sex relationships and being trans. They also warned about the possible closure of faith schools refusing to teach about homosexuality. Same-sex marriages, although, don’t mean LGBT-inclusive sex education. And even if it is provided in state schools (there is no talk about it yet), nobody is going to force religious schools getting closed because of it. For example, in state schools children learn the theory of evolution, some religious schools preach creationism, but they are not closed because of it. This is the same. The group is also claiming that equal marriage will lead to employees being “compelled to participate in LGBTI pride events at work”. LGBT Prides are already held in Australia and people take part in them if thety wat to. We are stressing: if they want to. LGBT campaigners had long warned that a public vote on equal marriage would lead to homophobic lie about what it is, aiming to mislead people


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