Man was told to starve himself to be ‘cured’ of being gay


One of the churches in UK claims they can ‘cure’ the members of the church from homosexuality by means of starvation. The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry tells the gay members of their congregation to starve for 3 days in order to ‘turn them straight’. Liverpool Echo journalist Josh Parry revealed the church’s shocking claims after going undercover, posing as a gay man looking for some ‘cure’. The pastor told him being gay was ‘biologically wrong’, but it was possible to get rid of it if one prays intensively and avoids food and water for three days to ‘humble one’s soul’. The pastor also suggested that some people were gay because it was popular and showbusiness icons forced them to it: “How many professors, how many airlines, except those in Hollywood, except the boxer, except the sportsmen, except the singers, are coming out to say they are feeling gay. Their reward is the celebrity. That is what you are following in. So many people now want to do it for publicity. I thank God that you have come to where you think you will get help and I know you are going to get the help. With the help of God, with prayer, with praying, with the help of God you will have children. You will marry and have your children.” The church’s pastor, Dr Desmond Sanusi, said: “If you come to the church to come and pray to come and know god better you are welcome. We don’t discriminate against people.
“It’s been running for over 20 years and nobody has dropped dead.”


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