Pastor says gay people should be shot in the head


Logan Robertson is a pastor at Westcity Bible Baptist Church in Auckland, New Zealand. In a clip from a sermon uploaded to the church’s YouTube channel, he expressed his opinion about ‘homo marriages’. And as you might have guessed, it is, mildly speaking, not supportive. I’m not against them getting married… As long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss,” the pastor fumed saying that the Bible teaches that gay people should die. Hold on, the Bible also teaches that it is a sin to wish someone to die, doesn’t it? But the pastor seems to have forgotten about it completely, yelling that gay people are not getting married in the Bible, they are only dying there:“That’s what [the Bible] talks about – not homo marriage but homo death. There’s no such thing as homo marriage. That’s what should happen, but we’ve got Christians who would rather side with their cute little fag cousin or brother than with Christians who actually preach against it.”


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