Politician goes into a homophobic rant because of pink color


A city councillor is under fire for a homophobic rant as he got irritated because of a piece of pink paper. Garry Mallett, who sits on the city council in Hamilton, made the outburst in a meeting last week as he saw a report printed on a pink paper instead of a white one. He said that it was a ‘homo color’ and ‘fags’ must have been responsible. Well, according to this logic, if the paper was white he would blame KKK? And if the paper was black he would run into a racist rant? It is just a color, Mr. Mallett, don’t look for hidden symbols somewhere where they don’t exist, that’s approximately what Councillor Angela O’Leary tried to tell her colleague writing a complaint on him. But Mallett accused O’Leary of being part of an “I’m not important unless I’m offended mob” and said that he just joked about the symbolism of pink color and used the words which LGBT community considers available: “If you have any contact with the homosexual community in New Zealand you’ll, of course, know that many homosexuals happily refer to themselves and/or their organisations as ‘pink’, ‘gay’, ‘fags, ‘homos’, ‘rainbow’ etc. (Actually they seem to add new names and words every few months so it gets bloody hard to keep up with it all).” In conclusion he compared himself to the Muslim leaders who throw gays out of the roofs, saying that that is what he calls discrimination and abuse against gay people, not his words. It is great that Mr. Mallett condemns persecution of gays in Muslim countries and believes throwing them out of roofs is inhuman. But still, laughing at other people is also not the best way to behave. And, by the way, not all gays even like pink.


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