Teen girl hit back her homophobic aunt’s rant


18-year-old Charlie, who lives in the UK, posted screenshots of an argument she’d had with her aunt Marie who considers it fine to use the homophobic slurs including the F-word and who says she does not worry about her child being a ‘F*ggot’ as much as her niece’s mom does. Going on the aunt called Charlie too sensitive saying that she did not use the word in a bad meaning and tried only to say there is too much drama around gay people. “I tried to understand this bi shit you claim to be but you teenagers make stuff up all the time. Youre young you will find a man. You can change.If you think you cant accept my help dont come to Indies birthday I do not want you ruining the day,” said the aunt.

“Don’t worry about it! I know what you’re like after a few bottles of wine. I can’t make Indie’s birthday I’m afraid, I have a huge lesbian orgy that day and me and the other faggots have been planning it for months. By the way how’s your divorce going? I saw uncle Lee with his new girlfriend, she’s 20 years younger than you right? Speak soon!” Charlie replied.

Charlie got a message from her mum, which read: “Charlotte Louise what the f**k have you done now”. She also shared a text from Aunt Marie’s daughter (presumably), saying: “Seriously what the f**k is wrong with you how dare you speak to my mum like that”. She shared a note on Twitter where she explained: “I came on Twitter to vent…. the whole purpose of the thread was so I could let off some steam and actually laugh about how stupid it was. I don’t know how or why or when it blew up? It wasn’t my intention at all. I literally just wanted to scream about my ignorant family for a bit. Having a family that aren’t accepting is AWFUL and I would never use that for attention.” Charlie added: “What I said to my aunt was horrible and I’ve never done anything like it before… I just snapped.”


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