Uruguay is to compensate persecuting trans people


A new bill in Uruguay could serve to pay compensation to transgender citizens for persecuting them under the historic law. The bill would also act as an action plan to curb anti-trans discrimination in the country. Uruguay has historically treated its trans community poorly, so it is going to be one of the first documents aiming to admit and correct it. Transgender people demand from government to ease the gender recognition process and to provide some measures which would legally protect transgender community. The proposals announced by the government on Monday would allow trans people to legally change name and gender on official documents. It would also mean a scholarship to transgender people to improve education rates. Trans people born before 1975 would be issued with a monthly pension to make up for economic hardships historically experienced by the trans community. The scholarship offered intends to tackle the fact that 75 percent of trans people in Uruguay don’t finish high school according to the 2016 census.


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