Couple sues Amazon for discrimination against trans people


The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) is filing a lawsuit against conglomerate Amazon for anti-trans discrimination on behalf of Allegra Schawe-Lane and Dane Lane, a married couple who worked at the company’s Hebron, Kentucky shipping facility. They accuse the former bosses of harassment and bigotry against them. They also claimed to have found the brakes of their car to be intentionally cut as they came back from work. It might have injured or even killed them. ‘The trauma we withstood still impacts us negatively today, creating serious health problems and leaving us with no money to pay for the doctors we desperately need,’ said Schawe-Lane in a CrowdJustice campaign. Her husband added: ‘My wife Allegra and I could never have imagined the pain and heartache we would experience at Amazon. The abuse inflicted on us was unimaginable and we are still suffering from the detrimental effects.’The couple also suffered vicious slurs and threats, pornography, and sexual propositions. When they complained, they were met with retaliation and told they could not make complaints in writing.


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