Louisiana Governor tries to reinstate LGBT protections


The Louisiana governor is fighting at appeal to have an executive order protecting LGBT people in state government reinstated. Back in December the judge has ruled that the governor had gone beyond the limits of his authority introducing such an order.Those opposed to the move said Edwards attempted to change the state constitution. The Judge ruled that the order was unconstitutional as it attempted to create or expand state law. Governor Edwards’ order banned discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. A three judge panel of an appeals court on Tuesday heard arguments in the case, but the exact decision is yet to be made. Lawyer for Edwards, Matthew Block said that the judge got it wrong issuing the ruling.“The executive order is not law,” Block said. “It is internal policy to the executive branch about employment and about contracting standards.” Governor Edwards said his pro-LGBT order was meant as a symbolic gesture that Louisiana does not discriminate. He said it did not include contractors or religious organisations.


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