Queer comedian Susan Calman is going to dance


Calman was announced as a participant of Strictly Come Dancing for the next season. Calman is the host of BBC One gameshow The Boss and mystery show Armchair Detectives, as well as hosting CBBC quiz show Top Class. She also takes part in the BBC Radio 4 projects such as The News Quiz, The Unbelievable Truth, Now Show, Dilemma, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue and So Wrong It’s Right. Calman comments the announcement of being invited to Strictly as a dream coming true because she adores to dance and practices new movements in her own kitchen regularly. And now she is going to show her kills to other people hoping to entertain them this way. It is a very interesting experience for her which terrifies and excites her at once because she is going to do something she hasn’t done for so many years: “I haven’t worn heels or a dress since I was 17. Haven’t danced with a man in over a decade. Strictly, I’m ready,” she said. And we are ready to be impressed


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